My sessions are designed to be welcoming, relaxed and fun with a mixture of both posed and natural moments. I want to maximise every minute of your session and work with you ensure the photographs that you envisaged are captured.


I love to help families remember their moments of love and kindness, one beautiful image at time.

Photographic sessions start from $525 and can be tailored to your needs. 

I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with families and remind them how beautiful life can be. I work with you to not only create a photograph but to capture a feeling. Something that you can print, hang and share but more importantly remember long after the moment has gone. Investing in your memories brings a lifetime of joy.

Please say hello via the connect page.

Once we have connected you will receive:

  1. A quote based on your requirements
  2. A standard contract outlining the details of your session and proposed dates
  3. A questionnaire about your family to be returned prior to your session.
What to Expect

A fun-filled session, dancing, laughing and the occasional fart joke! My whole philosophy is that your session should be about you and your family and bringing out your personalities through my photographs. I will be there to direct and style the shoot but also make it fun. All I ask in return is that you listen and follow my instructions when needed. Just remember, it’s okay to feel nervous, shy or even unsure. It is my job to direct you in a way that helps you feel relaxed, natural and allows you to be yourself. I promise you that even with my camera in hand I will ensure you enjoy the experience.

Where and when do I have my photos taken?

I mostly shoot outdoors and I personally love farms and long dry grass. But, I am happy to photograph pretty much anywhere. If you have any ideas for a location maybe somewhere that is special to you or perhaps a family property that would be wonderful. If not, I am always happy to recommend a beautiful spot. I ask my clients to set aside an early morning at sunrise or an afternoon, an hour before sunset. This time of day is my absolute favourite! Being a natural light gal, my timing for your session isn’t a coincidence; it is scheduled so that we have the best lighting for your photos. Early morning sessions are timed to finish an hour after sunrise. Afternoon sessions will finish just after the sun sets. Both these scenarios will give the best results for your photographs.

What Should I Wear?

Choose something that you feel amazing in but is also comfortable. When working with a group or family I suggest you choose 2-3 neutral colours or tones and all wear something from this colour palette (e.g. peach, tan and white or blue, white and grey). Textures, floral, paisley and simple patterns also look gorgeous when mixed amongst neutral tones and plain colours. Think outside the jeans and white t-shirt fashion of years gone by.

What to bring?

Horses, tractors, puppies and more! If you’re wondering about how you can make your experience personal and memorable, feel free to bring along anything that is special to you. I want your session to be about you, so if that means bringing your four legged friend along or props that tell your story, please do. We can incorporate them into your photos in a fun way.

What happens after the session?

You will receive an email 2-3 weeks after your session with a link to your password-protected gallery. You’ll be able to view, download, share and order prints from your gallery.