The South – Part 1

Ya’ll… Here is a little part of our journey in Southern USA

Arriving into Houston we were off (on the wrong side of the road) to our motel for a quick nap before deciding our evening plans which consisted of trying our first American take out at a dodgy-off-the-highway, Taco Cabana. We both felt a little uneasy ordering particularly due to the feeling that we may be shot at any time, however ended up with what was a fresh taco and Quesadilla. The takeaway options in America are out of this world, there isn’t just your standard four options at each service centre, you have a choice of over 15, ranging from Chick-a-filla, Taco Bell, Wataburger, Wendy’s to Ihop.

The highways in Texas were unbelievable, in some areas six lanes each way with overpasses that were far beyond impressive and to be honest a little intimidating. Speed signs a mere ‘guidance’ with most travelling well beyond the posted 75mph (120km). We travelled on ‘farm’ roads which were better than our roads here in Aus. Montgomery was our first stop, we wandered through the historic part of town, dining in at the Old Steakhouse for lunch and well, what an introduction to American food with Deep fried Pickles and Chicken Fried Chicken with sides of green beans, hush puppies and cornbread. The young lady serving us was an absolute hoot and everything began and ended with “Y’all”

Next was Fort Worth and with a suggestion on a motel from friends we had settled in by the afternoon. Downtown had a summer feeling in the air with alfresco dining, festoon lighting with tourists and locals wondering the streets. We were approached by a man named Ron who asked for a little bit of money for the men’s shelter, in exchange he provided us with a rap song about domestic violence and a recommendation for dinner at Jakes Burgers. It was Jakes for dinner for delicious burgers and local beers.

The historic stockyards were scheduled for the following day. Cobblestoned streets, bulls, tourist shops and the world’s largest honky tonk is what to expect here! Longhorn bulls are walked down the main street by stockmen twice a day. In the evening we headed to Coopers BBQ (highly recommended by friends – thanks Michelle and Adrian). Served directly from the pit we had brisket and corn and for dessert, apple pie! More beers were sampled as we moved onto the Rodeo and then onto Billy Bob’s bar (the world’s largest honky tonk) where we watch Clay Walker perform and marvelled at the awesome dance moves of couples on the dancefloor.