Italy has a part of my soul. From the moment we arrived, the language, intensity, the people and the food!

We raced for a ferry after catching the train from Roma to Salerno. Greeted by jolly men telling us to slow down as we ran towards the dock, working out that Bree is a lot fitter than me (may have been the many wines the night before).One such man offered to marry me, while he carried my suitcase on board, leaving Bree to fend for herself (..we worked out that the blonde hair really does do something here).  Arriving in Amalfi itself we climbed the 200 stairs to our accommodation, which took in views from the ocean, the town square and along the winding coastline.

Each different room filled with bursts of delightful colourful tiles, the smell of the ocean drifting in as the glass windows clunked. A thunderstorm, fireworks and the church bell all beautiful sounds making their way through those windows.

Strong coffee, Aperol Spritz’s, and a long list of foods we wanted to try took up our time. Lazy wanders for gelato, as we feasted on the lemon delight that filled the streets.

Before we knew it we were back on that ferry to Salerno, headed to Rome for sunrise, with the Italian men all-too delighted to assist.