I am a photographer by profession, and a visual storyteller by heart. 

I love capturing the connections of life and right now I do this through the lens of my camera. I am passionate about sharing stories, the stories of others, stories that show the kindness, love and connection that we all share in the world.

I photograph families, families just like yours showing their raw intimate and heartfelt moments in a warm and honest way. I photograph experiences, I love to embrace natural light and its simplicity and show those moments of joy and honesty often found in a hidden smile, a moment of silence or a belly full of laughter.

Most days you can find me multitasking, drinking coffee and dreaming as I plan a road trip in the country or an international escape to some of my favourite places in the world including Italy, Greece or New Zealand.

I chase experiences that bring freedom and joy and love to help families remember their moments of love and kindness, one beautiful image at time. The images that I capture are the moments of life that we need to hang on the walls of or homes, share with our families and to help us remember these moments long after they have gone.

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“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

– Audrey Hepburn