This is Josie.  Josie is beautiful, her heart, her soul and well, her hair.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Josie at a beautiful secluded beach on the NSW coastline. Her beautiful hair was done by the amazing girls at Dimattia Hairdressing. She was dressed in a white simple dress with flowers in her hair. It was the most blissful afternoon, we laughed, we shared and we counted our blessings that we are living cancer free.

Josie is raising money for the Leukemia foundation by shaving her hair on March 15th.  The reason why she is willing to remove her hair? She feels that she has the choice to lose her hair for a good cause, instead of losing it to a disease. She wants to raise awareness; she wants to help those in the local community find an identity of who they are without their hair.

To help Josie please head to or the Leukemia foundations website.




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